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GRR West (b.1972, English; lives and works in Saxony, Germany.)

GRR West is a painter and sculptor. He studied at Liverpool Art School from 1996 until 1999. Here are presented his Polyethylene 'Meltings', large scale abstract pieces that can be any scale and weatherproof , allowing exterior presentations alongside traditional gallery exhibitions. They have been shown in Liverpool, Berlin and Saxony, and reside in private collections from Santo Domingo to Shanghai.

1972 Born in Barwell, Leicestershire England
1996-1999 Studied at Liverpool Art School
2000-2005 Lived and worked in Berlin
2000-2002 Atelier in Prenzlauer Berg
2002-2005 Atelier in „Treppenhaus“ Schöneberg
2006 Lives and works in Annaberg-Buchholz, Germany
2011 Atelier in Holzwerkstatt, Kleinrückerswalde


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