Ausstellung im Eduard von Winterstein Theater, Annaberg-Buchholz. Auswahl von Bildern bis zum 2. Mai ausgestellt.

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  1. Mona Thormann
    Mona Thormann sagte:

    Dear Glenn, your art impresses me a lot. Your kind of art is an open air to all the people of this earth. Because we are only surrounded by plastic. I am glad that there is an artist like you. Your video was so meaningful and gives impulses for thinking. I thank you for this. I also saw your other artworks, unfortunately only in Intetnet. I am also an artist in Berlin and have just returned to an exhibition in Berlin Mitte. I wanted to come to Annaberg last year, but unfortunately I was busy with my pictures and the exhibitions. In autumn, October 2019 I will visit Annaberg Buchholz for 3 days. I would be happy to see your art. Anyway, it’s fantastic what you do. Keep it up. I love this. Just great Glenn.


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